About Us

Oliver Goodridge was born in London, England to Mary Goodridge. At the age of 17 years old he began his adventure of putting his thoughts into melody and music. By this time he was trained in piano and bass guitar.

After graduating high school, Oliver received an opportunity to attend the world renowned Berklee School of Music in Boston. After a few years of studying music, he decided to explore the music industry as an artist. By early 90's Oliver had done it all, producer, writer, and artist. "I'll get by," and "Boston" are just two of many albums produced and recorded by this artist and producer. Oliver met Olympic Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield in 1999. Later that year he was signed to Holyfield's up and coming label known as "Real Deal Records/EMI." In 2000, under Real Deal records Oliver was afforded the opportunity to travel, and tour the world, study and work under some of R&B's legends. After years of touring, recording and working, Oliver decided not to hang up the mic but pass it along for a while and bless other artists with his knowledge of the industry.

With this new era of music, Oliver decided to re-launch Denore Music Group. This company was birthed in Trenton, New Jersey in 1992. Celebrating over 20 years as a business owner, artist, producer and a life time music lover, Oliver knows there's no time like the present to share with the world everything that music has given to him by way of new and younger artists. "After raising four children in the new home of R&B Soul, Atlanta, Georgia, all the while giving them my generation of R&B, they've been able to identify and relate to good music. For men and women of a mature age, we vibe to Babyface and Sade telling their love stories, or heartbreak. For my kids, they have Adele, and Anthony Hamilton telling the same love story, but with different lingo for a different demographic. "That's the role I'm taking now. I was blessed to be an artist for so long telling my love stories, and even more blessed to come out of the business wiser than I went in, and I am proud to know that I am creating a legacy to continue the stories I started, but put them in a language that everyone can relate to." Denore Music Group can guarantee great music, great artist(s), and great stories!" says Oliver in recent interviews. Oliver Goodridge presents: Denore Music Group.

Lee Hurst Born and raised in Chicago, Lee started showing an interest in music at the age of  5. His father Leroy,

a musician himself, would be his first musical influence. He played in many churches around the city as well as clubs. From there Lee began to mimic records he heard from The Jackson 5, The Temptations to Sly Stone E.W.F,

Led Zeppelin and many more. As he matured Lee continued to hone his skills by playing with different bands and musicians around Chicago. Lee eventually got an opportunity to play bass guitar for a legendary group based in Chicago, The Chi-lites, where he gained valuable experience on the road playing in front of huge crowds all around

the world. That experience led to other opportunities to perform with legendary groups such as The Delphonics and

the funk band, Cameo. Those experiences were important in his development as a producer, composer, multi- instrumentalist and as well as expanding his musical palette when it came to composing across different genres. 

In 2007, Lee relocated to Atlanta Georgia to expand his musical opportunities. Here is where Lee would begin to expand his brand. Playing the local Atlanta music scene, Lee rapidly became one of Atlanta's sought after musicians. composers and producers. Soon thereafter, Oliver and Lee would meet  through a mutual colleague. From this introduction, it would begin a friendship and musical appreciation that continues this day. Oliver and Lee separately continued to work in their respected fields, but came back together in 2013 and formed one of the best partnerships since Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis under the DMG umbrella. Worked with Artists such as Kenjah Mc Neil, Letita Martin, Gospel sensation Calvin Manley, one of Atlanta's hottest bands, The Soul Cartel, R&B soul artist, KrisO, JoJo White and many more! This collaboration has afforded Lee and Oliver  the opportunity to score music  for the upcoming independent film "Transit", and Television Pilot, "Meet The Malcoms".  Lee continues to push the boundaries in his musical approach. Infusing technology and live musicianship, which continues to make him a force in the music industry.  Welcome to the musical world of Lee Hurst!